(Pray this Blessing together)

May this day be a pathway strewn with blessings.
May your work be your life made visible.
May you honour the flame of love that
burns inside you.

May your voice be a voice of encouragement.
May your breath be the breath of God.
May your joy give you hope.
May you own a grateful heart.

When you look in the window of your soul
may you see the face of God.
May the lamp of your life shine kindly
upon all who cross your path
in the lives of those you touch

“Do what good we can to those around us – instruct,convert,admonish – there are still so many we cannot reach except by prayer;let us then pray for THE DYING TODAY,those for whom tomorrow will be to late. ¬†Go forth then,…the whole world is your domain.Go forth into all nations….”

Venerable Mary Potter